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1. Clement Haynsworth

2. Harold Carswell (not sure of the order. I just remember reading "The Brethren" years ago and how Harry Blackmun was Nixon's third choice for the seat)

3. Thurgood Marshall (this was a guess. Biden had one pick, Obama two, Clinton two. I think all 5 got unanimous Democratic support which pushes things all the way back to LBJ. I don't believe Fortas ever got a confirmation vote for Chief Justice. Marshall seems like the logical choice).

4. Anthony Kennedy (after the failed Bork nomination and the withdrawal of Douglas Ginsburg for smoking pot as a law professor or some such transgression)

5. Probably Harry Blackmun (see 1 and 2 above)

6. John Roberts was first nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Samuel Alito now holds that seat.

7. Antonin Scalia was confirmed 98-0 but that's not a voice vote. I am guessing Byron White, but that's just a guess.

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1. No idea!

2. No idea! But I would suspect it was that one Obama nominee who was a solid conservative.

3. Elena Kagan

4. Anthony Kennedy

5. Harry Blackmun

6. Elena Kagan was unsuccessfully nominated to the D.C. Circuit seat that John Roberts later occupied

7. Sandra Day'O'Connor (?)

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6)John Roberts was nominated to fill Clarance Thomas's seat on DC Circuit, maybe?

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